Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Had A Gut Feeling AND I Felt It In My Bones

I had a gut feeling that my liver was normal, excellent, and cancer-free, and I was right. My CT scan today showed it to be just fine.

Although I am quite achy and somewhat wracked with pain, I had a feeling in my bones that my spine is just working overtime figuring out how to support me with the limited mobility in my sternum and upper ribs. I was right. Nothing but garden variety "changes" showed on the MRI of my spine.

The worst of the waiting is over. Now I just have to live my life and coast for a while, so that my body can continue to clean up the mess and heal. Maybe my creativity will return soon and I'll start writing again.

I won't be posting an entry until after my friend Carol goes home next week. Have a wonderful week, and know that I am having one too.