Monday, June 16, 2014

Lecturing, Writing, And Listening

I am off to Indianapolis for the annual Osteopathic Cranial Academy conference where Steve is giving the keynote lecture, and I’m giving the Sutherland Memorial Lecture, as well as leading 2 Tours Of The Minnow (for you non-Osteopaths, that’s a guided experiential anatomy meditation) I’ll be posting a copy of the lecture on my blog within the month for those of you who can’t make it to Indianapolis.

I am looking forward to when I return and have some spaciousness in my life to write again. Shortly before Emilie Conrad died last April we were talking about living with cancer and she said, "Being confronted with the impossible makes us ask unexpected questions." In response to that, I started writing an essay for an anthology of articles by Continuum Teachers. It's entitled “A Continuum Of Uncertainty.” Here’s an excerpt:
 “We all live along a continuum of uncertainty, but usually only realize this in retrospect. We have plans and ideas about what our life is about and where we think we are headed. And it can all change in a moment; a drunk driver can head right at us with nowhere to escape his impact, soldiers can go on a rampage in our village without warning, a flash flood can wash away our home, but for me, it was metastatic breast cancer that suddenly announced the change of trajectory of my life and brought the awareness of uncertainty that had always been there. Unexpected questions arise when faced with the reality of uncertainty.”
I'm learning to listen with grace as I face the unexpected questions, and I look forward to sharing my insights with you when I return from the yearly meeting of my Osteopathic "tribe."