Thursday, February 24, 2011

An End And A Beginning

This is the letter we sent out to about 1,000 patients this week. If you are not one of our patients, or haven't seen us in a few years you won't get one in the mail, so here it is, explaining the next shift in our lives. For you Doctor Who fans, in a recent episode he said, "Everything has to end sometime, or nothing would ever get started." Join us in bringing  excitement about the new possibilities into the foreground, while allowing mourning the losses to fade into the background. I will be in the office the entire week of March 21 - 25 while Steve is seeing patients. Call the office for a list of hours if you want to stop by.

Stephen F. Paulus, DO, MS
Bonnie Gintis, DO
3233 Valencia Avenue, Suite B-6
Aptos, CA 95003

February 18, 2011

To all of our patients,

It is with mixed emotions that we are writing to inform you that as of March 25, 2011 we will be closing our office.

As many of you know, Bonnie was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in late 2009. She has not worked for over a year and remains on medical disability. Her cancer treatment is going well, but she continues to have disabling side effects from both the treatment and the cancer that prevent her from returning to work as an Osteopathic Physician. As she enters this next phase of life, she is hopeful and continues to be expansive by seeking certification as a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher. She looks forward to the possibility of continuing her commitment to helping people explore health and well-being through some combined method of teaching meditation, Continuum Movement, medical education, and writing. Check her website for information about her upcoming teaching schedule.

Steve will be closing his private practice and transferring his clinical skills to the Family Medicine Department at the Dominican Medical Foundation. He has made a decision to return to primary care medicine as a full-time Family Doctor. He will bring to the Dominican Medical Foundation 23 years of clinical experience as a Family Doctor and Osteopath. We encourage all of you who need a Family Doctor to chose Steve as your personal physician and allow him to continue to care for you by using all of the tools of modern medicine as well as the art of healing expressed through Osteopathy. Because Steve will be directing most of his clinical energies toward primary care medicine, he will be devoting a much smaller percentage of his practice to Osteopathic Manipulation.

We look at this change not as an ending but as a natural progression into an exciting future with great potential. Steve will begin seeing patients at the Dominican Medical Foundation Westside office at 2018 Mission Street on Monday April 25th; you can make an appointment to see him by calling 831-706-2220. By the late summer or early fall of 2011 he will be moving back to Aptos to work at the new Dominican Medical Foundation office at 9515 Soquel Drive in Rio Del Mar.

Thank you for your dedication to our work as Osteopathic Physicians and most of all, thank you for being a part of our community of friends and neighbors. Steve looks forward to connecting with you at his new office in Santa Cruz, and later in Aptos.

With gratitude and best wishes for the future,

Steve Paulus, DO              &          Bonnie Gintis, DO