Saturday, November 14, 2009

If You Want To Offer Help, Buy My Book

I have been receiving such an overwhelming outpouring of heartfelt wishes, gifts, and other offers of help. I am incredibly grateful for your sentiments... and there are only so many rides, dinners, and "things" that I need right now.

One thing you can do to help support me right now is buy my book. You could actually buy 10 copies and give them to all your friends and loved ones. They make great stocking stuffers, if you have large stockings. If you live locally, wait until after Dec 1st and stop by the office to buy it/them directly from me. (This would be the most helpful way to buy it.) If you can't wait, buy it anywhere you can - your local bookstore, amazon. Click here or on the picture of my book on the right-side column if you want to buy books now.

Please excuse the lack of a substantial update. I am exhausted from running around to appointments and tests. I am swamped with phone calls, emails, with forms to fill out, and with working on documenting my disability application. I have barely had a day where I can lie down and pull the covers over my head for a while in the daytime. I reached an emotional low point yesterday, but unfortunately I was driving home from Stanford and had to be somewhere for another appointment in 30 minutes. My will power can only propel me so much longer. Thank goodness it is Saturday and I get to stay home with my guys.

A lot of new information (breast MRI formal report, pathology report on biopsy showing hormonal markers, etc) is coming together and by Monday morning I should have a treatment plan.

I will have the "Continuum Experiment" ready for all of you sometime this weekend. This is the one thing I have been able to "do" in the midst of all the other diagnostic madness. I lie in bed, breathe, sound, and move. In a few days I will post a version here for all of you who have limited or no experience with Continuum Movement, and I will be emailing the 70-some-odd Continuum Teachers worldwide with more detailed instructions.

In the meantime, read Chapter 2, "The Dynamics of Attention" as a companion to this video clip. Here is something to make you ponder the quality of the field of your attention and the effect that has on your life: