Saturday, November 7, 2009

I Used To Think I Never Made Mistakes, But I Was Mistaken, And Thanks To Lou Reed

Please don't hesitate to report typos or nonsense sentences. I do a lot of my writing in the wee small hours of the morning when my creativity is high, but my editing capabilities quite low. I have corrected many of the errors in the previous entries. It appeals to my sense of order.

My friend, also named Bonnie sent me a fabulous quote from Lou Reed, one of my all time rock-and-roll favorites, "Life is like Sanskrit read to a pony."  Doesn't that concept just make your brain quiver? I love it.

For all you Woodstockers reading this, I think it was about 1989 after the fiasco with the beloved Galen B working as our office manager (pre-Cheryl). She did a comedy show the night after Carol and I fired her that included a piece about working for us and being driven crazy by the new age music in the waiting room. Shortly thereafter, I was at Sunflower Natural Foods shopping and I Ieft the cassette tape cover of Lou Reed's "Rock and Roll Animal" sitting on my front seat. A patient (who had no respect for boundaries) peeped in my car out of curiosity and saw it. The following week I got several strange comments from people who were "shocked" that I didn't float around town listening to tranquil new agey musak all the time. Get over it! I listen to everything.