Wednesday, December 9, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

I want you all to know I'm doing fabulously. The procedure went very well. I got home at about 4 pm today and I feel (relatively) great. I just have a slightly sore belly and feel a bit loopy from the anesthesia and medications.

I have photos of my ovaries, taken through the scope right before he snipped them - a sort of nerdy remembrance of body parts past. I thanked my ovaries and prepared for sending them on their way, along with anything they might carry away with them that I don't want or need. Now I don't have to worry about ovarian cancer!

I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight and may tomorrrow bring the beginning of the unfolding of the next phase of my life.

Thanks for being there and checking in on how I'm doing. Take care of yourselves.