Friday, December 18, 2009

No News Is Good News

Some of you may be wondering why there’s been no blog entry for days. Don’t worry. No news is good news; I just need a break. I am actually feeling somewhat better. I’m healing well from surgery and in much less pain in my sternum and ribs. Today I had a profound visit from a dear old friend, a great long walk and a nap. It was the first chance I’ve had to indulge in such simple pleasures in weeks, maybe months. I yearn to have days without appointments, paperwork, and misery, to simply care for myself more deeply.

Movement (exercise) and breath are simple, yet profoundly helpful. Since I have no energy to write much more for you to read, go check out this article that explains why getting off your butt decreases anxiety:

I was inspired by the finding that rats (yes, even rats can be inspiring) who exercised, when placed in a stressful, unfamiliar situation, didn’t run for dark corners and hide, like the unexercised rats. They calmly explored the unfamiliar environment. I aspire to be more like these rats!

Enjoy these last few days of increasing darkness. The light begins to return on Monday! Happy Solstice. Have a wonderful weekend, don't stress about holiday stuff that doesn't really matter, and care for yourselves by getting outside and moving.