Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Words of Wisdom Are Still Cooking

It's been a month since I posted an entry and I know people are wondering what's up. I've been getting phone calls and emails from many of you who are concerned. I'm doing okay. There's nothing (new) wrong. I'm on the painfully slow boat to recovery, which is still moving in the right direction. The words of wisdom of my next real blog entry are still cooking. I haven't been motivated to write for anyone other than myself.

Here's the current events summary:
Steve and I took our first vacation in 2 years. It was amazing, especially for Steve.
My 54th birthday symbolized a profound passage into this next phase of my life, in which I live beyond the temporal field of my mother, who died at 53. (See September 2 for the story about my mother.)

I am off to a Continuum Teachers' Retreat next week. I long to be immersed in that field, especially the middle 3 days of the retreat where we go into silence. More organizations should conduct professional development in silence. It's the most fruitful way for me to deepen my practice.

I will try to get some words of wisdom on paper before I enter silence.