Thursday, August 5, 2010

Some Good News While You're Waiting For My Next Entry

I have been unable to focus my energies on public writing. Hence, the lack of an entry for a while.  But I do have good news that I want to share; My bone scan on August 3rd showed no new cancer. The tumor markers that are measured by blood test are also way down to normal again. The old tumors will continue to light up for a long time, even if they are shrinking. I know they are still there. I can see and feel them, but they aren't growing or spreading. They shrank quickly in the beginning and I assume they are continuing to do so. The bone scan really only tells us about spread, not about the state of what's already there. 

Can you believe it has already been a year since this ordeal began? This is particularly good news as I approach my 1 year anniversary and as I approach my 54th birthday on September 26th, when I will have lived longer than my mother. It will surely be a Happy Birthday!