Thursday, June 3, 2010

Feel The Buzz

My recovery from hand surgery is going well, but typing makes my fingers buzz. So please be patient and I will return with many inspired entries as soon as I can.

If laughter is good medicine then I should be cured after the visit with my brother and sister-in-law. We had a riotously hysterical time (and made a scene at Nepenthe's in Big Sur that involved half the people on the back deck laughing with us - you had to be there!)

Okay, so many of you have asked, I will tell. The inane things I watched last week that made me laugh were the old Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan movie "French Kiss" and the episode of the British sit-com "Extras" with Ricky Gervais & Kate Winslet. It's available from Netfix - but only watch the episode with Kate Winslet, the others are nowhere near as funny.

I'm off to Aptos High School Graduation. My step-son Ben graduates today!

Stay in touch; I'll begin writing again soon.