Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Course Was A Great Success, My Book Is Being Published In Italian, I'm Off To Commonweal, & I'm Diving & Rolling With The Tumbling Waves: Life Couldn't Be More Rich!

I have been resting intensively since my return home last Sunday from my amazing course in San Mateo. I don't know how I managed to muster the energy to teach for 4 days, but I did it with gusto.  It was such an inspiring course for me, and affirmed my commitment to teaching. And now I am taking a few days to recover.

I had an inquisitive group of 18 Osteopaths who followed me into the depths of the material and then courageously explored their own territory. It is profoundly satisfying to offer the course that I wish I had had an opportunity to take when I was a student.

Three of the course participants were Italian Osteopaths who are involved in translating American Osteopathic texts into Italian. (The other 15 were from all across the US.) They will be translating my book into Italian and publishing it in Italy. They have already done translations of books by William Sutherland, Rollin Becker, and Viola Frymann! I am so deeply honored to be in such distinguished company. I was so moved to meet them and I enjoyed their presence and contribution to the group tremendously. It is incredible to meet people from far away, who speak another language, but who completely communicate and understand the language of Osteopathy.

I am off to Commonweal this Sunday. My friend Mary is driving me up to Bolinas (about a 3 hour drive) and Steve will join me for the grand finale lunch where the 8 participants in the retreat invite loved ones, and then we will drive home together.  I am ready to explore my life, health, and consciousness from some new and unexpected perspective. If you are curious about the program, you can check it out at:

Two of the fingers on my right hand have felt like buzzing sausages for more than 6 weeks, and intermittently all 10 fingers and my palms get numb, tingly, and painful. My oncologist confirmed this week that it is probably a side effect of my anti-estrogen drug Arimidex. Some of the most common side-effects include bone and joint pain and swelling. My pre-existing tendency to have wrist problems has made it re-surface during this vulnerable time. Years ago I chose to give up gardening and other hobbies that stressed my hands, so that I could save them for practicing Osteopathy. But now, the side effects of the medication have caused me to decompensate. I will take it easy, wear my hand brace, and wait patiently until May 17th when I will humbly have surgery to open up the space for my median nerve to function properly.

Life is quite rich. I am learning to dive and roll with the tumbling waves.

ti abbraccio, arrivederci,