Friday, April 2, 2010

Floating In The Field Of Fabulously Functional

I've gotten so much great feedback on the term I synthesized in my last blog entry (April1), "Fabulously Functional." This is what I yearn to be. Yearning is the voice of the life force moving through us. At least it is for me. I hope it is for you too, because it is the most reverent sensation in the body. If you don't feel yearning, then yearn to feel yearning, and maybe it will come.

I want to float and undulate, to suspend and gain momentum, to move through the nooks and crannies of what physically contains my life, to slow down and be Still. I desire rest, unlimited open attention, and to feel the longing to be fabulously functional in every cell, tissue, space, fluid, and field of my body. "Continuum people" know what I mean, and for those of you who don't, you might want to go to a Continuum retreat or read my book.

This is how I navigate what presents itself to me right now. Many great teachers have used a version of this story. My analogy is not original. I'm in a boat on the ocean, and the boat is leaking. I identity with the water, not the boat. I have much more in common with the water than with a broken-down boat. The forces within the fluids will carry me through this. And I will be with myself, yearning, as we move.